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A power washer is a machine that can clean different types of surfaces using water pressure. Power washers can generate significant water pressure as compared to a garden hose. A power washer can increase a garden hose’s pressure by 20 to 50 times or more.

The main purpose of a power washer is to increase the pressure output from the garden hose and focus the water into a pressurized stream. The machine runs by using gasoline powered or electric engines. The pump works as a compressor. It allows power washers to output pressurized and concentrated steam of water washer repair pasadena.

Of the numerous power washers available in the market, the industrial power washers are most durable. It can wash out even the toughest stains from different surfaces like painted surfaces, concrete as well as metal and so much more. Buying industrial power washers are tough because of the factors such as power, maintenance, repair, along with its accessories. The functionality and life of industrial power washers depend significantly on the quality of the parts used in its construction.

There are also RAC power washers that are available either in the form of a kit and as a whole unit. RAC power washers are efficient in blasting away stains and cleaning it perfectly. Several features that have been incorporated in the machine include the auto stop and start button, extending the life of the motor, outlet pressure is adjustable, having a capacity of 500 liters per hour. It also has a water volume and pressure indicators.

Power washers generally have basic parts that work it run efficiently. The chemical washer injector allows the chemical or soap to be injected into the water stream to make cleaning even easier and faster.

The motor or engine is the energy source that powers the high pressure pump. The electric models are used for domestic purposes such as cleaning your vehicle, compound or car pouch. These gas models are more portable and for outdoor usage. Diesel powered engines have the longest working life and the most durable.

Frames support the working mechanics of the power washers. It can be made of stainless steel or aluminum, or powder coated to increase resistance to corrosion.

The pump of power washers are drawing water from an outside source, commonly a garden hose attached to the faucet and pushes it with an amount of force that produces pressure as high as 4000 to 5000 PSI.

There are two types of pressure hoses such as wire-braid high-pressure hoses and the non-marking pressure hoses. The wire-braid high-pressure hose is strong, for more 4500 PSI. The non-marking pressure hose is yellow or gray and can be freely used on any surface without the risk.

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